Teleological Evolution

I’m not going to write an entire post on this topic at the moment, but I do want to direct you to an interesting article I came across today:

If the World Started Over, Would Life Evolve the Same Way?

Although the experiments discussed in the article are very limited in scope, they suggest some interesting implications about evolution that are counter-intuitive. You read it and tell me what you think.


One thought on “Teleological Evolution

  1. It’s a hypothesis pumped to the level of a future certainty in discovery, and they’re still no closer to understanding hows and whys of mutation nor the mechanism of inherent operation in the DNA and RNA strands.

    Science Fiction, presented as Science.

    Rather typical of all forms of written media these days, from professional journals to well-regarded non-professional publications to twitter blasts to informal in-person conversation. State with certainty, you have proved.


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