Is this the end of the Lesser of Two Evils argument?

It’s a great time to start talking to your relatives and friends about the fallacious argument referenced above that we are subjected to on a quadrennial basis.

The girlfriend remains convinced that Hillary & Trump secretly conspired to secure their respective nominations. Davidly recently had a very amusing post fantasizing about the prospect that this is all a giant hoax perpetrated by the greatest comic genius of all time, who is not in fact dead… (Read it for yourself).

It is a mind boggling event worthy of the Situationists.

It is a glorious black swan that will destroy the American political system.

It is divine justice from the Almighty who is raising up the Bad King/Queen we deserve.

The pundits are twisting themselves into knots trying to explain how this happened since none of them considered it a real possibility. I admit, I thought it pretty far fetched nine months ago. But I relished the prospect of Trump running amok for a few months. I did not, however, vote for him when the opportunity came (I registered Republican this year so I could participate in their closed primary–this was before Bernie made the scene).

The democrats should be very careful about counting any Hillary chickens before November. The general election has the largest turnout, and believe it or not there are probably tens of millions of people here in the USofA who will vote in November and currently have no idea what is going on in the primaries. I can see Trump winning. In fact, strange as it may seem, my own rather rebellious (politically) teenage daughter, who turns 18 in August, told me a while ago that if Bernie isn’t on the ballot, she will vote for Trump. Yes, that is bizarre, but to an idealistic and naive teenager, a vote for either of them is a vote against a fucked up state of affairs that has made my little millenial daughter into a very cynical person.

Anyway, back to the original question: How can Hillary be the lesser evil over Trump or vice versa? It’s a paradox worthy of Xeno. Roll that around in your mind for a while and prepare to get dizzy. Use this trick to convince as many people as possible that there are other options. This could be a banner year for third party and write-in candidates, which could be a silver lining to this weird, gloomy end-of-times cloud that hangs over the nation.


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