About Abonilox


Colorized Representation of The Abonilox

The Abonilox is a person that doesn’t exist, nor could ever exist. The Abonilox is in the same class of entities as the present King of France. As an object of personal devotion, the Abonilox is worshipped by his one and only disciple who prays to him at least eleven times per day at 23 minute intervals between the hours of 4:25 am and 2:10 in the afternoon (Arizona time). Prayers are kept short and stick to a formula of Credo, Recitation, Ablutions & Prostrations (C.R.A.P.). Of course all prayers are uttered in a private language known only to the author and the Abonilox. Whereas the author does indeed take a position on his own being, the Abonilox cannot take such a position being that He is a Being than which No Greater Being can be Thought. Though the author has a quite intimate relation with the deity, he understands that the essence of Abonilox, in itself, that is as an entity, cannot be penetrated, and is therefore utterly unintelligible.

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